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Lilliput Australian Lowline Cattle Stud is situated at Tylden.  This is between Melbourne and Bendigo.  The stud is run by Bev Crowley and Graeme Podbury.  Bev is a laboratory and computer technician at the local high school and also runs a trophy business from home.  Graeme is a mathematics teacher at a school in Melton.  Our stud is run before school, after school and at weekends.  At present we have about 140 animals not all lowlines on seven different properties.  The drought has created a few problems for us.

Lilliput Lowline Stud was established in 1995 with the purchase of two heifers (Joy and Jill).  From the start we decided that it was important to try to develop our own individual line of quality lowline cattle. Bev rang most of the studs in Victoria and we were lucky to find two nine month old heifers that we liked.

It was an interesting trip bringing them home, they tried to jump out the back of the horse float before we had traveled a kilometer down the road.    It was a couple of months later that Bev decided to start to break then in.  It was after the disappointment of Geelong loosing another grand final that she blocked the two heifers in a shed and managed to put some old horse halters on them. She tied them to the back of a trailer and dragged them around the front paddock.  .    

Lowlines were first shown in Victoria at Bendigo in 1995.  It was quite an experience for most of us showing for the first time.  The handlers were more nervous than the animals and I remember having the halter rapped around my hand a number of times and was determined not to let Joy get away from me. She was reserve champion and the judge commented that had he been able to feel her she might have been champion. This was a sign of things to come. 

Then we had the problem of where do we find a good bull.  We had seen a young bull at Bendigo Show that had good length of body and although not in show condition had plenty of size about him and won his class.  The purchase of a share in Beag Ni Ben Nevis proved to be a master stoke for us. He produced Lord Zackary.

In 1998 nearly two years latter we went off to Melbourne Show for the third time with two animals.  Joy went on to become grand champion cow and supreme exhibit and Zack her first calf was grand champion bull.  We were also the most successful exhibitor.  This result made us, and it gave all the other small breeders confidence to get out there and have a go.  We decided that once an animal goes grand champion at Melbourne we would not show them again.  We wanted to prove that we could continue to produce champions.  Our bulls Lord Zackary, Lord Phythagoras and Lord Kevlar have been judged grand champion three of the last five years.  The other two champions were judged reserves to our bulls when they competed with them.  Our bulls were judged champion over the last three Sydney Champions and many of the champions at other royal shows.  This has been pleasing as it is difficult for us to travel interstate to compete at other royal shows.

Itís great to see the emergence of a number of newer studs at Melbourne over the last couple of years.  This will ensure the quality of lowline cattle in Victoria continues to improve.

We have continued show our cattle at Royals and local shows. We are now Victoria's leading lowline stud and have won seven Grand Champions at Royal Melbourne Show.  We have won four Grand Champion Cows and Three Grand Champion Bulls. Our breeding has now produced our fourth generation show champion.

We have exported our cattle to China and the USA and have sold to most states in Australia.

Lilliput set out to produce our own unique line of lowline cattle.  We have chosen genetics that were not widely used and we have kept the majority of our bulls to our selves.  The cows we have purchased have been related to superior showing lines.  This means that we have something that is very special which enables us to produce consistent lines of top quality cattle. 

We have worked hard to improve the quality of our farm.  Bev organized a course in Kyneton that benefited many lowline breeders. It taught us how to grow and graze grass, now we have more than doubled the carrying capacity of the farm.  Our land is quite hungry and it is a credit to the type of cattle we have that they show so well.

Lilliput is in the process of establishing a commercial herd based on the lowliness released from Hamilton.  We have used our show winning bulls over the Hamilton cows we purchased to form a small but top quality commercial herd.  Our herd is made up of 15 cows with a number of replacement heifers. We lease our bulls to about twenty other breeders in the area. 

We see lowlines as the perfect breed for the many small farms that are being established in our area.  We believe from the comments that we have received from those people that have eaten our meat that we are on a real winner.  Their easy doing capability in trying conditions makes them the perfect type of cattle for those people getting started.


We have come a long way since we started in lowlines and the most enjoyable part is we still have a lot to learn.

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Graeme Podbury & Bev Crowley
Trentham Road, Tylden Victoria 3444
Phone/Fax +61 354248443
E-Mail lilliput@netcon.net.au